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Senior Pictures

Senior Portrait Sessions – Booking Now!


Senior pictures are fun! Always incredibly varied, always with people who really want to be photographed. Creating high-quality senior photos is such a cool thing to be able to do.

Every high school senior has their own unique style and personality, making them an absolute joy to work with. Often, they have their own senior picture ideas, making their photo shoot even more varied.

Some want to be pretty straightforward in their styles, some want to be really creative, and most are willing to try anything to get the shot. A perfect situation!

Urban senior portraits are also really cool. Using city landmarks or maybe even a graffiti wall as a backdrop can create some great looks. If urban senior pictures are your thing, let’s do it!


Different Styles.

There are of course many, many options.  Basketball and baseball senior pictures are popular, football, track, well you get the idea. Sports are a common theme in many sets of senior pictures we take.

Other options can be formal, or casual, senior photo shoots. Dress up, or dress down. Or both!  There’s no reason why we can’t incorporate multiple outfits in your photo shoot. If you do that, start with the more formal outfit and dress down from there.

Here’s some more info to make your senior photo shoot awesome!


1. Pre Session Consultation.
Let’s have a conversation about your clothes, style, colors, etc.

2. Professional Make Up.
Girls, this will make a serious difference to the results of your session

3. The Photo Shoot.
Typically, a photo shoot lasts 1 – 2 hours and sometimes can be even more.

4. Editing & Retouching.
This is where a lot of the work is done, highly polishing your final images.

5. Choosing & Ordering.
Here we view your images and help you with the image selection process.

6. Your Product Delivery.
Take delivery of your beautiful senior products. Awesome!


Booking Your Shoot

You can reserve your senior pictures session using the button on this page and will be contacted as soon as possible, often within an hour or two during weekdays, to confirm a suitable time and date.

Want some ideas?  Have a look at these sample poses.

Check out the families and portraits sections.

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