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Studio And Location Portraits

Portrait Photography.

Portrait photographers work to create beautiful, artistic images, that we hope will cover the walls of your home. A good portrait should be engaging, and hold your attention, with your eyes being the main feature. A successful portrait should hold your gaze, and demand that you look at it a little longer.

Your chosen portrait photographer should really get to know you at least a little, how else can your personality be drawn out in your photographs? And that’s what it’s all about, producing portraits that people you know look at and think “yes, that’s really captured who they are”.

Have you ever walked into a room and saw a large wall portrait, virtually life-size?  It dominates its space, and it’s hard to look away from it. It’s doing what it was created to do, it’s being the center of attention.

Sadly, many of our photographs today live on phones and thumb drives, often in drawers.  If we buy a beautiful mirror for our home, we hang it. We want it to be seen, enjoyed, and admired. What we don’t do is leave it in its box and store it safely in the basement. So why do we insist on doing that with our photographs?

Beautiful portraits should be printed large for hanging on a wall, or perhaps a selection of images put together in an image box, or maybe an album.  Then you can enjoy them daily, every time you walk past.


Real women portrait

Studio Or Location?

Studio and outdoor photo sessions are of course available. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

The portrait studio, even a portable one, offers many advantages over outdoor photography, the biggest benefit is light control. I can shape and direct it to achieve the results I want for my clients. Portrait photographers definitely do their best work when they have total control over the elements of the session.

Control of lighting aside, another benefit of working in a studio environment with a portrait photographer is being able to bring and change into as many outfits as you like. Comfortably. You can come to me with as much clothing as you want, and of course, if I come to your home then everything you might need is on hand.

For the ladies, hair and makeup is another consideration. A hair and makeup artist carries around what seems like an endless supply of items, and it’s considerably easier to manage that in a studio setting.

And let’s not forget the weather. Rain or shine, we can still photograph your session and produce beautiful portraits in a studio. Yes, a portrait studio really does have its benefits.

Outdoor portrait sessions have the advantage of variety. If you want to be photographed in say an urban setting, or a field of flowers, maybe against a graffiti wall, then we need to move outdoors. Though not having the absolute control of light that we have in the studio, there are still a number of ways that your images can be enhanced.

Can’t decide?  There is also the option of a combo session, a little indoors and a little outdoors. Either all on the same day, or split into different days. Ask for details.

The Process

Once your portrait session is complete, all of the images will be examined and edited to a degree.  There are then two options. Option 1, an online gallery can be uploaded for your viewing, and from there you can select and purchase your favorite portraits. Option 2 is a better choice. In that case, I would sit down with you and go through the images.

There are major benefits to having that sit down. For example, there may be an image you love except for one detail, and that may be a detail that I can adjust. There will be opportunities to crop in certain ways, perhaps change images to black and white, and a variety of other options. It’s well worth taking the time to have this meeting.

Image Preparation.

Once you have made your image selections they now move on to the retouching stage, where they are edited and retouched to produce the final products. That involves dealing with stray hairs, removing those pesky blemishes that decided you show up on the day of your photo session, slimming, skin smoothing, and making any other tweaks that you request.

The Final Products.

Some clients want to hang a large wall portrait, others want smaller framed photographs, and some people would like a coffee table album.  There are of course many options available for your final portraits.

Whatever you decide, you can be assured that your portrait session will be a memorable day, and you’ll have the photos to remember it.

In-person, email, or phone consultations to discuss the details of your portrait shoot are complimentary.