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How To Choose A Headshot Photographer.

Hint: It’s Not For The Reasons You Think.

Choosing a headshot photographer should be easy, right?

Perhaps the first thought when thinking about choosing a headshot photographer might be, how good is their work? It’s a great question, and naturally, a first consideration when looking at photographers.

There’s so much to consider. How long has the photographer been taking professional headshots, are they using good quality camera equipment, and do they have the Photoshop skills needed to polish the images taken? These are but a few questions a person might ask.

However, personality can be the greatest factor in producing killer headshots you will absolutely love. Yes, the personality of the headshot photographer is crucial. Let’s look a little closer at that.

You are about to stand in front of a camera lens, with all of the anxiety that can produce, and be photographed. It may even be the first time you have done so. That can be scary! So what sort of headshot photographer would you like to be standing opposite you?

  • An all-business, “let’s get this done”, somewhat flat personality who is entirely focused on peering at you through the lens.
  • A caring, considerate, soothing personality who isn’t always behind the lens, someone who talks to and relaxes you. 

Which of those two headshot photographers do you think will get you to relax, open up, release your tension, make you smile more genuinely, and capture images of the real you?

That’s what will make the difference – the connection between you and your photographer. Great equipment, a fantastic portfolio, and years of training will all mean nothing if a photographer cannot connect with you as a person.

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A Review From Maria.

This is what Maria said after her headshot session when she wrote a 5 star Google review:

Hugh was an excellent photographer. He did my headshots. I never have gotten professionally taken headshots before, and was so nervous. He was extremely professional, respectful, kind, and gave me guidance throughout the photo session. I would recommend him for anyones photos! Thank you Hugh!


The key points here are.


  1. She was a first timer, never had professional photos.
  2. She was nervous about being photographed.
  3. Her nerves were calmed, and she was put at ease.
  4. In the end, she was very happy.
  5. She LOVES her headshot!

That is of course what a successful headshot portrait session should be. Relaxed, easy, and fun.