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Family Photos

Time For Family Pictures?

Your best family photos have yet to be taken, this is a great time to plan a family picture session.

Every year most of us consider those beautiful family photos that we should organize, but then life takes over, and it mostly doesn’t happen. Before we know it, we are already starting a new year, and the opportunity to record our precious family portraits has passed.

We know that we should do it every year, to keep a good record of our family as they grow, but lots of things get in the way.

A family picture is so valuable and can pass through generations.  If you want to discuss a family photo shoot now, please get in touch. Or, you can choose a session date and book below.



Family photos are so important. 

At the risk of being repetitive, the importance of family photos really can’t be overstated. Time passes so quickly, and before we know it, our children aren’t children anymore. Sadly, our parents won’t be around forever either. As someone who has lost a child, it feels like he was hardly here, even though he lived to be 29 years old. To me, it was a blip in time, over way too quickly. I know that’s a negative example, but you get the point – life marches on.

If you would like individual portraits as well as group family photos, click the link to check out the page.


The right family photographers.

Choosing the right family photographer is really critical – not everyone gets along with kids, and if they don’t it will be hard to pull out the best child portraits. Someone that was close to me used to call me “the child whisperer”. I guess that means kids and I gel. A fun photographer will keep them engaged, I do my best to be just that.


Studio Or Location Photo Sessions. 

Urban family portraits can be a ton of fun, roaming around your city and capturing beautiful family portraits at your favorite locations. There are many places to shoot some cool metro portraits. Or maybe you want some edgy family photos? That’s also a great path to take.

Studio portraits on the other hand have more controlled lighting, and more consistent, repeatable results. It depends on the look you prefer.


Clothing suggestions.

For some suggestions on clothing, here’s a good website to check out.