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ERAS Photos

Made To ERAS Photo Requirements

Your new career is on track,  congratulations!

It’s fair to say that your ERAS headshot photo is critically important. This image is your presentation to those people that will be reviewing your application.

Of course, it’s not just about the ERAS headshot, that’s not what will get you selected. But, we all know that the first thing we will see on any application of the color photo, that’s what jumps out against the black text beside it. It really is the first impression.

If the person reviewing your application has a pile of 50 to get through, and they are perhaps skimming through them, the best chance to catch their eye is a stellar ERAS headshot. A bad one, that doesn’t meet the proper requirements, might send an application to the rejected pile.

Yes, your ERAS headshot is important, very much so.

There are very specific ERAS headshot application photo specifications required by the AAMC for your ERAS application. Here are the specifications for your headshot portrait.

  • 2.5 x 3.5 inch image

  • Resolution of 150 dpi

  • File size less than 100kb

It’s really quite a small image, think driver’s license size. That of course isn’t the size we will start with – we will start with a high-resolution digital photograph, and reduce it to suit the ERAS application. That will give you a sharp, clear headshot.


Regular Session - $175

This session covers the needs of most people and is 20 - 30 minutes.

Allowing for 1 outfit, this headshot portrait session gives you 1 fully retouched final headshot.

Make your final choice from your complimentary online gallery.


Enhanced Session - $295

The enhanced session gives you so much more and takes up to 45 minutes.

Unlimited outfit changes, this headshot portrait session gives you 3 fully retouched final headshots. Get different business and social media images.

Make your final choices from your complimentary online gallery.


A Little More For You.

ERAS application headshots are, as mentioned above, small. But that’s not all you will take home. Here’s what you will get, whether it’s a single headshot session or multiple headshots.

  • Your headshot portrait in full resolution.
  • Both print and web resolution versions.
  • Different crops to fit various social sites

You may want to use a portrait in a typical rectangular format for one use, but the need it to be a square for your LinkedIn profile portrait. We make sure you have the right crops to avoid distorted social media profile photos.

Turnaround Time.

Typically, the turnaround time for your images is within 48 hours. If you want to choose your final headshot portrait while you are here, you can. Or, if you prefer to discuss it with someone, or ponder the options, a complimentary online gallery with the images taken will be uploaded for you to choose from.


What To Wear For Your ERAS Headshot.

The best thing to wear is something that does not take attention away from you. A Hawaiian shirt might not be the best choice. Seriously though, plain colors, and not too bright. The images on this page are a good example.

Your ERAS headshot, as with every other style of headshot, should be all about you. Not your clothing, or a cool pair of eyeglasses, earrings, or any other jewelry.  The aim is for you to grab the attention of the viewer, and that’s all about the eyes.

When it comes to the retouching of your image, it’s typical that your eyes will be lightened ever so slightly, to bring attention to them. It makes for a more engaging portrait.


What About Glasses?

If you wear them always, then wear them for your ERAS headshot. But beware of ones that introduce a tint into the image, it will darken your eyes. If your glasses do have a reactive tint, there are things we can do to get around that. We can discuss this during your session.


What Color Of Background?

It’s optional, but again, plain is better. A grey or black one works well, and you can have a white background if you prefer. Have a look at the headshots on this site for different examples that would work as an ERAS photo.


Retouching ERAS Headshots.

All of our images are retouched. So once you select your final image or images, the retouching process begins. We deal with blemishes, flyaway hairs, and anything that needs a little polish to make your ERAS headshot awesome!

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Hugh was an excellent photographer. He did my headshots. I have never gotten professionally taken headshots before, and I was so nervous. He was extremely professional, respectful, and kind, and gave me guidance throughout the photo session. I would recommend him for anyone's photos! Thank you, Hugh!