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Boudoir Photo Shoots

Bashful To Empowered, In One Afternoon


Release The Gorgeous!

You are unique, that’s indisputable.  Every inch of you is wonderful. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Want to own that?

Have you been thinking about a Boudoir photo shoot in Michigan? For someone special, or perhaps just for you? There are many definitive life events that come our way, divorce, weight loss, a milestone birthday maybe. Is it time to celebrate you yet?

Stepping out of our comfort zone, enjoying a little pampering, and producing the best images that we have ever had of ourselves are hugely inspiring. It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 65 – you are gorgeous. Own it.

Finding a good male boudoir photographer in Michigan isn’t easy, there is so much to consider. For your comfort, there will always be a female present when you are photographed at Hugh Anderson Photography.

Many clients prefer a male photographer, we hope that’s you. Often brides-to-be book Boudoir shoots and order a surprise album, or some prints for that special person in their life. A wedding day gift. It can also simply be a set of images that you wants for yourself.

To capture a time when you feel good about yourself, sensual, confident, and beautiful. Gorgeous photographs to look back on as time passes by.

These aren’t images that you will hang on the wall typically, though some can be. More likely you will create a very beautiful album full of images, a record of how you are, and feel, in this moment.

Feeling a little nervous about a Boudoir shoot? That’s perfectly natural.

Once a photoshoot gets going though, and this applies to most photo shoots, the nervousness melts away and you will start to relax. A good photographer is critical in creating a feeling of confidence, and in building a safe and comfortable environment. A quick glance at a couple of your newly taken boudoir images on the back of the camera, and you will be truly inspired!

Session Including Hair and Make Up – $350.

Your hair and make up will be completed and the stylist will stay on hand during your entire Boudoir session.  Expect the entire process to be 2 – 3 hours. The images will then be edited and prepared for a viewing session at a later date. You session fee covers all of this.

We will schedule a day and time for you to come back to view the final images. From there you can purchase your prints and products.  Typically clients spend anywhere between $300, and $3000. It is entirely up to you, and there is no minimum order required. 

Just What Is Boudoir Photography?

Let’s start with what it’s not. It’s not a professional model in a swimsuit. It’s not a portrait with just a little less clothing, and a little more skin. It’s definitely not glamour photography. And it’s not simply a woman wearing lingerie, like a Victoria’s Secret model.

The French word Boudoir describes a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. Actually, it originally describes a place to sulk, a sulking room. But of course, we won’t have any sulking during your session, it will be all fun! Seriously, I promise not to sulk.

This is my experience of what Boudoir is, photographically.

It’s a woman being photographed, typically but not always in a bedroom-type setting, mostly having had no experience in being photography partially, or completely, undressed. It’s a peek into the private space of a likely bashful and nervous subject, with a view to producing sensual and beautiful imagery. It’s not supposed to showcase a professional model, but rather a woman, in a very personal place.

What to wear?

Whatever makes you feel good, comfortable, and secure.

Some people will immediately cast-off clothing to be photographed wearing very little, others won’t want to go beyond an off-the-shoulder look. And that’s just fine. It’s your session, you decide how you want to look.

Those more bashful people may warm up and get a little daring, or maybe not. Again, this is about you, and what you want.

Lingerie often completes a very sexy look, and you can bring as much of it as you like. Though it can just as easily be a bed sheet that protects the modesty of the sitter, as well as creates sensuality. It’s often best to keep things simple.

Your Boudoir Location

We have a dedicated studio space at our location, and your privacy is paramount. You can have your Boudoir session in this space, but if you prefer, you can choose somewhere else.

Some clients want to be photographed in their own home, it gives familiarity and of course, everything you need is on hand.

Others will sometimes elect for a hotel room, a neutral space. It is of course whatever makes you feel most secure.

Your Safety.

Boudoir photo sessions can be in homes, hotels, or anywhere a person chooses. As a male photographer, I will never spend any time alone with you during a Boudoir session.  Either, you will have brought someone with you as a chaperone, and/or I will have a female assistant on site.

Your session needs to be fun, relaxing, and a pleasant experience for all involved. Above all, you need to both be, and feel, completely safe. As well as the obvious requirement that you feel safe, the final images will reflect your mood. Safe is good!

If you have any specific requirements in order to feel comfortable, please discuss this prior to your Boudoir shoot. This is a very important topic, please don’t hesitate if you would like to make any requests, or have any questions.


This page isn’t stuffed full of Boudoir images because they are usually a private affair, and even though we have the express permission of many people to display their photographs, I feel that this is a very private thing, so I don’t post much.

If you would like to see more, you can of course do so during a consultation.

Having a “private photographer” as it were is important to many people, and I will always respect your privacy.


Like all things, it depends on what you want to take home at the end of it all.

You may elect for a hotel room setting, and that would of course be separate. 

There are many other options, an album, prints, etc. It is highly recommended that you have hair and make-up services, your results will be so much better, that’s why it’s already included in the session fee.

We realize that this can be a delicate subject and you may have many questions, so please feel free to reach out with any concerns, your communications will always be in the strictest confidence.

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