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About Hugh Anderson

ALittle Bit About Me.

Well, despite my age I still have two children, girls, that are still in school. As a single parent, my goal is to provide for my children, produce beautiful work for my clients, and hopefully have some fun along the way!

If you asked what my superpower is, I think I would say “getting along with people, especially children” Children demand an extra level of attention.

My goodness, it’s hard to talk about yourself, right?! Perhaps we can chat in person, and I can say a little more. Here’s a little bit about my photography journey.

My son was born in 1985 and before that, I had been playing a little with taking pictures. Back then a great little device called a disc camera had been introduced, it was super cool.  It popped into your pocket and was lightweight and foolproof. It truly was a point-and-shoot camera.

However, the absolutely tiny negative used was only enough for about a 6×4 photo, and even then it was grainy. But that was the start for me, I moved on to a better camera, detachable lenses, and of course, set up the obligatory darkroom. The smell of those chemicals is iconic.

In 2007, having come to the United States as a newlywed, we set up a wedding photography business, and it just expanded from there. It was a husband and wife team, and we were busy.

I lost my son, mentioned earlier on this page, to cancer in 2014. Everything changed. Before long, though I loved photographing weddings, I really wanted to concentrate on a more focused genre, portraits. My first love.

Weddings were a good training ground for me. The constant pressure to come up with things at that moment, and the light in a scene could be changing by the second. One minute outdoors in bright sunlight, the next inside a dark and badly lit church. And you still have to get great images. If you can photograph weddings, everything else seems easy.

That brings us to the present day, still peering through a lens, still loving it. Photos of me are few and far between, but here are a few.


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